Prints & Paintings

My latest ongoing endeavor is documenting and finding new ways to see. Since I live in a studio, I'm limited by the space, incidentally, most of my plants are small. By returning to my roots of tradional painting from observation, I can continue to push my limits as an artist and designer. Growing these plants is meditative, it brings me joy to watch them change, and to have, simultaneously, so much control, and yet so little. It's fun to take pictures of them as well, but I learn the most when I slow down and force myself to actually see them. Prints are on Society6.

PHOTO: succulents from observation, work in progress

Stream of Consciousness

This is a scrapbook, of sorts. For a long time, I’ve kept a collection of things that inspire me, from architecture and furniture to printed graphic design. This blog acts as a pile of sketchbook pages for the projects you see here. A place for me to exercise my brain and iterate without editing ideas.

PHOTO: hand painted acrylic on canvas, Brunch, photographed on my desk

The Type Kitchen

I’m cooking my way through a collection of family recipes as I write the second edition of a cookbook I made a few years ago at RISD. It’s a typography project, a photography project and a culinary project; a messy adventure of trial and error.

PHOTO: baking homemade challah, just after braiding, right before the oven


This is my unfettered journal of travels and every day life. Here, my photographs can live and thrive, independent of the cookbook or my design sketchbook. I’m a designer and an artist first, but photography is a natural companion.

PHOTO: in Monterey, at Point Lobos, in February 2014. Photograph by Stammy