Let’s Make Music

Another one for the sake of making art. I try to make time as often as I can to produce work with my hands, since my career is spent behind a screen. There's something profound and alluring to me in the linoleum block carving because the process is, inherently, a development of a tool that allows the creation of multiples. Replication is something that rarely seems to exist in handmade art. There's a je ne sais quoi in the act of both duplicating something you made by hand, as well as never having two pieces look alike. It's a machine, and yet the copies are never perfect.

The laborious hours spent with the carving knife, the gradual reduction, chipping away at positive space, until the negative space has a life of its own. Reductive art is very medatative to me. I don't have a full press or roller in my tiny studio apartment so I used the back of a wooden spoon to make prints. Slightly askew, sticky, thick black ink, peppered with texture and imperfections, across the 9'x12' bristol, to me, only adds to the character of handmade art.

Prints of the prints are available for sale on Society6.